Mia Moda, a division of Dream on Me, has a very impactful motto: "Safety is foremost. Style is essential. Convenience is mandatory." The company's primary baby car seat, the Mia Moda Certo is indeed very stylish and has a convenient design. However, its height and weight requirement window isn’t very wide and Mia Moda doesn't advertise its safety features very well.

The Certo holds children between four and 22 pounds and up to 29 inches long. The important thing to note is that weight and height guidelines for car seats aren't an either/or combination where the seat can be used past 29 inches as long as the baby weighs less than 22 pounds. The guidelines mean that when the baby hits 29 inches long, you should no longer use the seat, regardless of the child's weight. The same applies for weight. If the child reaches 22 pounds but is still less than 29 inches, you need to buy a new car seat.

There is no specific documentation to show that this car seat has been crash tested, so we had to contact customer support to find out for sure. The representative assured us that the seat has been crash tested and has passed all federal side-impact requirements. LATCH connections and airplane compliance are a two additional ways in which Mia Moda holds true to its "Safety is Mandatory" motto. However, we think Mia Moda should do a better job of advertising these safety features.

The Certo baby car seat is compatible with Mia Moda travel systems. This makes transporting your child to and from the car quite easy. The seat's handle aids in easy transport by adjusting to three different positions for carrying, sitting and driving. Each position has an indicator that turns green when the handle is locked into place and orange when it is unlocked. The stay-in-car base also has an indicator that reports the base's angle and whether that angle is correct. We only wish the car seat's cushions were machine washable. If you need to clean the cushions, Mia Moda recommends spot cleaning them by hand.

You can customize this baby car seat to best suit your child by adjusting the seat's reclining angle and harness straps. Maximum comfort comes in the form of four different harness slots; most baby car seats have only two slot choices. The seat further adjusts via a center-pull adjustment at the bottom of the seat.

When you open the box containing your Certo baby car seat, you'll see the user manual conveniently tucked away in the back of the car seat. The manual has step-by-step installation instructions, and you can find additional support online.

Mia Moda's website is pretty straightforward and easy to use, with information pages for each of its products. We contacted Mia Moda twice via email with a few of our concerns and heard back from a representative approximately five days later. If you ever need to return your baby car seat before Mia Moda's one-year warranty runs out, you must call its parent company, Dream on Me, to receive an RMA number. You can find Dream on Me's phone number on Mia Moda's website under the Contact Us heading.

Mia Moda Certo Summary:

The Mia Moda Certo baby car seat is functionally sound and stylish to look at. Beyond that, there really isn't anything special about this travel system that sets it apart from other car seats. The company's customer service could use a protocol overhaul, the warranty is so-so and the car seat's weight and height limits are well below average.

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Mia Moda Certo

You can take this car seat on an airplane; it is FAA approved.

The car seat's weight and height limits are the lowest among the products in our lineup.

The Verdict
: 6.75/10

This seat would need a larger height and weight limit and better customer support for us to recommend it highly.